Our son came home to visit this winter, so the day we got snowed-in we had him try out this recipe and prepare this pepper dish. We ate well, stayed warm, and enjoyed ourselves around the fire.  

Good Cooking, Chef Wutsch 


  • 2 lbs Boar Chorizo Sausage 
  • 10-12 ea Pablano or Anaheim Sweet Peppers 
  • 2 T Roasted Garlic 
  • ½ c Red Pepper diced 
  • ½ c Yellow Pepper diced 
  • ½ c Green Onion 
  • 1 14 oz can diced Tomato 
  • 1 14 oz can Black Beans 
  • 1 14 oz can Corn 
  • ½ tsp Kosher Salt 
  • ½ tsp Chili Powder 
  • ¼ tsp Cumin 
  • ¼ tsp Cayenne Pepper 
  • 1 c Cilantro 
  • 1 lb  Oaxaca Mexican Cheese 


  • Split peppers lengthwise, deseed, reserve.  
  • Blend spices, reserve. 
  • Sauté Chorizo, remove. 
  • Sauté garlic, onion, red & yellow peppers, add tomato, beans, and drained corn.  
  • Add seasonings, remove from heat and reserve.  
  • Slightly freeze cheese to be able to grate or crumble cheese, reserve.  
  • Stuff pepper halves with filling. 
  • Place in 400-degree oven for 15 minutes, remove, top with Oaxaca cheese and cilantro, bake until cheese melts.  
  • Garnish with cilantro and serve. 


Use any ground game meat or game sausage for the ground venison.  

Use any fresh pepper, jalapenos to Hungarian peppers.  

Substitute any chipotle spice blend for chili powder.  

Use any semi soft cheese in place of Mexican cheese. 

Cooking Options:  

Split peppers either down center from top lengthwise or trim off top and stuff entire pepper.  

Slow smoke peppers on Rec Tec grill or roast in the oven. 


For spicy dish use hot pepper and jalapeno in mixture.  

Slightly freeze cheese to make it easier to grate or shred.  

Add lots of cilantro for garnish. Serve with refried beans.

Chorizo Stuffed Peppers

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