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Corned Venison (Antelope)

If you like corned beef or a pastrami sandwhich, then you are going to love it with venison.  This is one of our all-time favorite ways to prepare venison, it is very versatile, with options ranging from breakfast hash, smoked pastrami or a corned venison stew. This recipe from Chef Albert is just straightforward on how to brine your venison and then add it to any recipe you prefer. 



  • 3 lbs Venison Less Tender Cut 

Morton Tender Quick Brine:

  • Water 1 g 

  • Morton Tender Quick 16 oz/1 pt 

  •  Sugar ¼ c 

  • Garlic, granulated 1 T 

  • Onion powder 1 T 

  • ]Pickling Spice, (Optional) ¼ c 


Bring half the water to boil. Combine spices, mix with tender quick, add to boiling water. Fully dissolve salt and sugar, shut off heat and let steep for 5-10 minutes. Add the remaining cool water. Once chilled its ready to use. The brine must be strained if planning to inject. Inject meat with injection needle, (approximately 15-20% of green weight) place the meat into remaining brine. Cure for 24-48 hours. Wash meat before cooking. 

 Substitutions: Use 10 lbs Turkey or Goose Legs & Thighs. For a more corned beef flavor add more pickling spice after the meat has been injected. 

 Cooking Options: If using legs and thighs of wild turkey or goose, after meat has been brined and cooked, pull meat from bones and tendons. For stews, deviled ham, and curried dishes, cube the meat before brining, don’t inject, just brine cubed for 24-48 hours. Remember to wash the meat before cooking. 

 Notes: Brining is in intended to cure/preserve the meat as well as to tenderize and flavor the meat. This recipe is a variation of Morton Tender Quick recipe. 

 After the meat has been brined and washed, place in pot, cover with chicken stock, add diced onion and simmer until tender. Chill in broth to prevent meat from drying out. Once the meat has been chilled use in desired recipe. Use broth to adjust consistency of recipes used.  

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