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RecTeq Glazed Steelhead

Some of my best memories are with my dad and son fishing for lake trout or as dad called em Macks (mackinaw) on Flathead Lake here in Montana. We’d get up early, drive up to the lake be up there just at sun up and launch the boat on water that looked like glass. We’d watch the eagles and osprey overhead, there’d still be a chill in the air but knew it was gonna be a beautiful blue-sky day.

Those were the good old days, there were many windy, overcast and stormy days that either forced us off the water or made us not launch at all. Dad knew the lake like the back of his hand and we’d troll along the east side of an island at about 80-120’ deep, the fish finder would beep and we’d start eating lunch at 9am. Dad knew many fisherman and they always talked shop, what tackle etc. Interestingly I would watch how differently the guys would handle the fish once caught. 

I need to be very clear, when we fished we caught to eat, there was no catch and release unless they were not legal. I have since fly fished and caught and released but that’s another article in itself.   

  Recipe by Chef Albert Wutsch

We use RecTec pellet smokers/grills for all of our outdoor cooking and all of our wild game is processed using Made With Meat equipment.


  • 3 lbs Steelhead fillets  
  • Rec Tec Asian Persuasion Spice Blend 


  • 4 oz Orange Juice (from two oranges after scoring) 
  • 2 oz Triple Sec 
  • 2 oz Apple Cider Vinegar 
  • 4 oz Honey 
  • 4 oz Orange Marmalade 
  • ¼ c Jalapeno small dice 
  • ¼ c Cilantro, fresh, chopped 


Fillet Steelhead, leave skin on, remove pin bones, rub with spice blend. Let rest. 

While fish is resting prepare sauce. 

Score the oranges with a channel knife. (or use zest) 

Place the scored orange pieces in boiling water for 5 minutes, drain water, add more water to cover and bring to boil again for five minutes, drain and repeat for third time. This will remove all bitterness from the rind.  

Place trout on hot grill skin side down, do not turn or move. Baste top of fish with glaze. Cook thoroughly. 

Remove fish from grill, the skin should cook away from the grill and come off with fish. The skin should be crispy while fish is moist, flaky, and tender. (Crisp skin is fish bacon excellent to chew on while preparing the dish!) 

Serve immediately with wild rice and grilled asparagus. 

To Prepare Glaze:

After the oranges have been scored, cut in half and squeeze juice and reserve. 

Combine OJ, triple sec, vinegar, honey, and marmalade, bring to boil.  

Reduce to about one cup. 

Add scored orange and fresh cilantro. 


No Asian Persuasion, no problem, just substitute your favorite Asian spice blend. 

Substitute Grand Marnier for the Triple Sec or if no alcohol available, use more orange juice. 

For a different flavor profile, substitute ¼ c chopped pickled ginger for the jalapeno and chopped mint for the cilantro. 

If you don’t have fish, substitute duck or pheasant. 

Cooking Options:

Add one-part of your favorite BBQ sauce with one-part Orange Glaze to make delicious sauce. 

For a very rich glaze, incorporate, whisk in 1 stick of butter when glaze is finished. Be sure not to boil after butter has been added. 

Use as the glaze as a dipping sauce as you would for fried egg rolls. (like duck sauce) 

Use this fish with glaze for street tacos, on top of salads, or in egg rolls. 


If skin is already removed, place fish in grilling fish basket or on grilling sheet or foil, don’t turn over or move, cook in place so fish won’t stick to grill. 

This glaze can be used on duck, pheasant, rabbit, and boar. 

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RecTeq Glazed Steelhead

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