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Sautéed Elk Medallions in Chanterelle & Oyster Mushroom Sauce

(Long Name, Easy Dish)

This is a dish that I would easily prepare at a demonstration at a sports show or at the Elk Foundations conventions. It is easy, quick, and extremely delicious. A classical beef tenderloin dish called Tournedos Rossini inspired this preparation. You can’t beat elk and mushroom combinations.  

Recipe by Chef Albert Wutsch


  • 2 lbs Venison medallions 
  • 2 T Oil 
  • ¼ c Butter 
  • 2 T Shallots minced 
  • 1 T Roasted Garlic 
  • 1 pt Crimini  
  • 1 pt Oyster 
  • 1 pt Chanterelles 
  • 1 c Madeira Wine 
  • 1 pt Brown Gravy 
  • S&P (To Taste)


Remove all fascia and silver skin from any tender cut of venison, slice into 1 “strips. Clean mushrooms and coarsely chop. In large hot sauté pan, add the oil and sear meat in batches, remove each batch onto cookie sheet, spread out to let heat dissipate. Once all meat has been seared and there is a good fond (brown drippings on the bottom of the pan), lower heat, add butter and mushrooms, sauté, add wine and deglaze, add brown and tomato sauces, reduce. Once the br

Using tender cut of venison, remove fascia and sliver skin, slice into medallions, reserve. Slice mushrooms, reserve. In hot sauté pan, add small amount of oil, sear medallions in batches, cooking rare, and creating fond (brown stuck to the bottom of the pan). Remove from pan, spread out to dissipate heat and prevent sweating and moisture loss. Add butter, sauté shallots and garlic, add mushrooms, sauté. Deglaze with wine, add gravy and bring to boil. Reduce sauce until fond is completely removed from pan and sauce is desired consistency and flavor. Add meat back to pan, bring to boil, serve immediately with noodles or soft polenta. 

Substitutions: Use any preferred mushroom or combination of mushrooms. Substitute Marsala wine and rename as Marsala Sauce. Finish sauce with chopped herb such as chervil. Place a toast point under the meat, top cooked meat with pate and call the meat Tournedos Rossini.  

Cooking Options: Sauté medallions, strips, or even thick chops of any tender meat or bird such as turkey breast.     

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