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Simple Elk Steak (Backstrap)

Here’s our elk backstrap recipe! It doesn’t have to be over complicated to be good. Sometimes all you need is a hot grill, and some seasoning, oh and don’t forget the compound butter!

As I pulled these backstraps out of the freezer, I am reminded of the lessons I learned from Chef Wutsch on this elk hunt in New Mexico. He was so meticulous on how we field dressed this elk, careful to ensure that no outside contamination ever touched the meat. I learned why we let the meat hang in a cool air environment for a couple of days before we even started the butchering process. And finally we broke down each muscle group, identified it on the package, vacuum sealed it and now it’s all in my freezer for me and my family to enjoy!

Recipe by : Greg Ray (If you can call it a recipe) 🙂

All of our outside cooking is done on RecTec Grills and we use Made With Meat equipment for all of our wild game processing.

Simple Elk Backstrap Recipe


  • Your favorite venison tender cut (We used Elk loin or backstrap)
  • Oil (Avocado or olive works)
  • Seasoning (We used RecTec Freakin Greek)

Roasted Garlic Gorgonzola Compound Butter


  • Roasted Garlic 1/4C
  • Crumbled Gorgonzola Cheese 1/2C
  • Whole soft butter (1 stick or 1/4lb
  • Chicken Base 2T
  • Chopped Chives 2T

Method Steaks:

  • If you have a pellet smoker, turn on low for a heavy smoke
  • Place steaks in smoker for half an hour
  • Pull steaks from smoker and turn on high. If you do not have searing capabilities with your smoker place a cast iron skillet in the smoker.
  • While your smoker/grill is heating up rub steaks with oil and coat with seasoning.
  • Once smoker/grill is up to temp, sear steaks on both sides, approximately 2 min per side for rare to medium rare. (Do NOT over cook)
  • Pull steaks and place on cutting board, top with compound butter and let steak rest for 10 minutes before cutting

Method Butter:

  • Combine all ingredients in bowl and mix
  • Roll into a cylinder using Seran Wrap
  • Place butter in freezer
  • Cut slices to use on steak
  • Tips:
  • You can cook your steaks on the grill, stove top in a cast iron skillet or even in the oven. Just be sure to finish with a high heat to get a nice sear on the outside.
  • Do not over cook. Venison is much leaner than beef and will cook faster. Always serve Rare to Medium rare
  • If using a thermometer, pull the steaks at about 120F
  • Let the steaks rest, they will continue to cook and this will redistribute the juices through out the steak.


Simple Elk Steak (Backstrap)

Tender, Venison
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