Don’t let the fancy French name scare you off. This one is very simple with big taste! You will commonly find this one in restaurants served with beef. We pair this recipe with venison most of the time but Chef Wutsch actually did a cooking demo right out in our processing area with wild pig.

If you’re looking for something with Big Flavor and easy to fix, just add to some egg noodles or soft polenta and you are good to go.

Recipe by : Chef Wutsch

All of our outside cooking is done on RecTec Grills and we use Made With Meat equipment for all of our wild game processing.

Venison or Pork Au Poivre


  • Tender Cuts of Venison or Pork sliced thin 2lbs
  • Cracked Black Peppercorns 2T
  • Butter 1/2C
  • Brandy 1/2C
  • Sherry 1/2C
  • Dijon Mustard 2T
  • Crushed Green Peppercorns 1T
  • Brown Sauce 1C
  • Heavy Cream 1C


  • Rub cracked peppercorns into meat
  • melt butter, sear meat and remove
  • Combine brandy and sherry, poor into pan, flambé (Poor from cup, not from the bottle)
  • add mustard, green peppercorns, brown sauce and cream.
  • Reduce, adjust flavor and consistency. Add meat back into sauce. 

Keep meat med rare. Serve with egg noodles or soft polenta. 

Venison or Pork Au Poivre

Tender, Venison, Wild Boar
Tender, Venison, Wild Boar
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