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Venison Stuffed Peppers

Super easy and very versatile! We used strips of Eye of Round from Elk but you can use any wild game you prefer for this one. Doesn’t matter if it is cubed, thin strips or even ground. Use, deer, elk, bear, duck whatever your flavor.

I actually stole (with permission) from our friend Margie Nelson, who runs Wyldgourmet on IG. In fact, that’s how we met Margie, by admiring her wild game food post! That’s what I love about our community, we all have the same passion, just different ways of presenting it.

Margie and I now talk on the phone and are working on several collaborations together. Thanks for sharing Margie Recipe by Margie Nelson (Wyldgourmet) Stolen by Greg Ray (From Field To Table) All of our outside cooking is done on RecTec Grills and we use Made With Meat equipment for all of our wild game processing.

Stuffed Peppers


  • 1 to 1 1/2 pounds of your favorite wild game (we used Eye of Round from Elk)
  • Red Bell Peppers 4 (Leave whole)
  • Sweet Onion 1 1/2C Diced
  • Jalapeno 1 Diced
  • Bella Mushrooms 1C Diced
  • Sweet Peppers 1/2C Diced
  • Garlic 1 clove
  • Favorite seasoning (We used RecTec Freakin Greek Rub)
  • Salt (To taste)
  • Oil (We used Avocado, Olive oil works as well)
  • Favorite cheese 1C (We used Mozzarella)

Optional ingredients:

There are plenty of optional ingredients to add to this one. Be creative, use any of your favorite veggies and spices. Easy to go with themes like Asian, Mexican, Greek, Southern Comfort. Use your imagination


  • If using sliced meat, slice thin like a medallion
  • Heat oil in pan and add single layer of meat season with your favorite seasoning. (this will cook very fast, turn over cook other side and remove from pan. Place meat on a flat surface like a cookie sheet in a single layer. You do not want your wild game to sweat, causing it to lose moisture. See pictures above)
  • We cooked 3 separate batches using this method.
  • Add more oil to pan for veggies
  • Add all diced veggies and garlic to pan, stir frying until veggies are soft-ish. Add salt and pepper to taste while cooking.
  • Add meat back to pan and mix with veggies. If you were going to add any type of sauce this is where you would add it. (I was going to add chili sauce for some heat but the Mrs is not a fan)
  • Cut tops off whole red peppers and clean out all the seeds
  • Layer the meat/veggie mixture with cheese so you have cheese all the way through and not just on top.
  • Be sure to pack the pepper with the mixture so you get plenty of the good stuff when it’s time to eat.
  • Top with cheese
  • Heat oven to 400F
  • Cook for approximately 15 minutes
  • We placed ours in a cast iron skillet but you can use a Pyrex dish or anything oven proof that the peppers will fit in.

Venison Stuffed Peppers

Less Then Tender, Venison
Less Then Tender, Venison

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