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The Outdoor Solutions – From Field To Table Team is comprised of several Wild Game Chef’s, back country camp cooks, and the Ray family.  What brings us together is our desire to share with others, the Great Outdoors, our passion for hunting and our love of preparing great food that we have sourced ourselves.

In our opinion, there is no greater experience than sharing a meal with a family member or friend that you have one hundred percent sourced yourself.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter, a new hunter, or even if you have never hunted but like the idea of sourcing your own protein and care about where your food comes from, we feel we will have something for you here at

Inside, you will find a wealth of knowledge that covers from before the field to the final plating of your meal. Please join us, explore our site, check out our hands on events, or feel free to give us a call with questions. We are very excited about sharing our passion for the great outdoors and cooking wild game with you.

Meet Our Team

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Founder Greg Ray

Like most that enjoy hunting and fishing, I grew up in the outdoors, on a 2000-acre cattle ranch in Oklahoma, where I chased squirrels and rabbits with my mighty hunting Dachshund  (Tinker Bell, don’t let the name fool you, she was a killer!) I also had access to 19 ponds on our ranch and was spoiled with some of the best fishing in Oklahoma!

I didn’t start my outdoor career until late 2003 when I purchased a franchise from a company that booked hunting and fishing destinations to preapproved outfitters.  This was supposed to be a side gig to help support my outdoor habit but God, Fate, or whatever you want to call it had other plans for me.

In October of 2005 a Jeep going 70 mph, crashed through my house and ran over me while I was standing in my kitchen! (yep you read that right). I now work in an industry I love because of it. Due to my injuries, numerous surgeries and extended time off from work, I lost my job as a National Sales Manager for a Fortune 500 Company out of Chicago, it was a blessing disguised as a fast-moving Jeep.

My wife, Deborah and I decided to jump in with both feet and run our franchise full time. We built an incredible business and stayed with the Franchise model until 2012 when we partnered with the NRA, creating their NRA Outdoors program. We were blessed to run the program until February of 2018 when we once again branched out on our own to create Outdoor Solutions.

I never dreamed that my “side gig” would grow into the company it is today, partnering with some of the industry’s most well-known manufacturers.

I am truly blessed to work side by side with my wife of 20-plus years and more recently our son, Eddie, has started working full-time for Outdoor Solutions.

With and our events, we hope to show hunters and non-hunters alike the advantages of sourcing and processing their own wild game.

Chef Albert Wutsch

Albert Wutsch, the author of The Art of Cooking Venison, The Art of Barbecuing and Grilling Game, The Art of Cooking Game,and the producer of The Art of Backyard Butchering is retired as department chairperson of Indiana University of Pennsylvania Academy of Culinary Arts. Chef Wutsch is a certified executive chef and culinary educator who combines his mastery of cooking with his passion for the great outdoors.

An avid hunter and outdoorsman, Chef Wutsch has cooked for professional outfitters in Montana’s Bob Marshall, Scapegoat and Spotted Bear Wilderness, the largest untamed areas in America. He has cooked in many hunting camps throughout the country and has taught courses on game cookery across the nation. He has been a featured guest speaker for many sports shows and national conventions such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, National Wild Turkey Federation, and the Annual Pheasant Fest, as well as the NRA’s Great American Outdoor Show, the largest sports show in the world.

Chef Wutsch’s professional career has spanned over 45 years of culinary experience. He has received numerous culinary teaching awards and has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles. He has conducted game cooking demonstrations on TV, has written columns for national magazines such as Pennsylvania Game News, Women in the Outdoors, Buckmasters, and North American Hunter. Chef Wutsch has hosted and judged game culinary competitions and has been retained by publishers to review culinary manuscripts. He has owned and operated a catering business and has specialized in catering throughout the country.

He is now a regular contributor to and co-host many of Outdoor Solutions From Field To Table events across North America.

Chef Cliff

As a chef of a chef, cooking has always been a huge part of my life. I started my career working in my Dad’s kitchen at the Yorktown Hotel at the age of 15. Also instilled from my Dad and Grandfather are the love for the outdoors, hunting, fishing and trapping. Depending on the season you can find me on any nearby lake fishing, in the field hunting, or on my trap line.

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, I proudly served in the armed services for four years. I have been certified by the American Culinary Federation as an executive chef (CEC) and certified culinary educator (CCF).  My industry experience includes working for American Hotels and Sheraton Corporation.  A high point of my career was working as Executive Chef for 23 years at the Hershey Lodge: with 600 plus sleeping rooms, 4 restaurants, and 2,000 capacity banquet facility hotel where I had the privilege to serve all 50 Governors at their annual conference and several Presidents of the United States. Another achievement was working as a Chef Instructor for 17 years at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania Academy of Culinary Arts.  Besides teaching and passing on my culinary expertise to students, I judged numerous high school cooking competitions, Pennsylvania Skills USA State Competitions, and ProStart Student Invitational in Ohio, Georgia, Wyoming, and New York.

Having never retired from cooking or outdoor activities, I am excited to join the Outdoor Solutions From Field To Table team.  I want to bring the enjoyment of the hunt to the kitchen, from processing game, cooking demonstrations, and sharing recipes.  

Chef Joe Colistro

When asked about my culinary background I would say I’m a road scholar Chef. I grew up in Southeast Portland Oregon. My dad had a catering business and owned a restaurant. I learned my basic skills and love of cooking from Dad. I started hunting and fishing at an early age and by the age of ten I was cooking doves on
toast with a sherry reduction sauce for breakfast.

I enlisted in the United States Navy after High
school and was stationed in Pearl Harbor Hawaii. I served six years on active duty and traveled all thru the South Pacific. Almost every Port the ship pulled into I learned about the local cuisine and often how it was prepared. After the Navy, I returned to Oregon and worked in Law enforcement for thirty years. I also continued to cook and perfect my culinary skills with regard to wild fish and game.

After retiring from Law enforcement I became the head chef at the Portland Yacht Club, My Dad and I also wrote and published a cookbook, entitled Giuseppe’s Recipes, An adventure with a fork. Since then I have cooked in lodges and hunting camps ranging from Alaska, Canada, all of the Western States and New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma.

I currently live in Montana, with my wife LuAnn.