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Most people are under the misconception that black bear is not good to eat.  It is truly one of my all time favorite meats for flavor and versatility. Our friend Tim Anello from Inside Outdoors TV has hunted here for several years and introduced us to this outfitter, we will be bringing you video soon.

Once you arrive we get settled in your room in our beautiful lodge there are two queen beds with a private bath tv and wireless internet. We will have your license waiting for you when you arrive so once we take care of the paperwork we go shoot whatever weapon you are going to be using and relax for the rest of the day. 

We hunt bears primarily in the afternoon so after lunch your guide will take you to your stand where you will sit till dark(usually around 10:00) we then come back to the lodge for a late supper and a beer or Soda then do it all again the next day. When your get your bear your guide will come get you do some picks and skin your trophy out for a rug or a mount. You are only allowed one bear in Saskatchewan.  Fishing is available at no cost for the rest of the week. 

We have a high percentage of color phase bears with every hunter having an opportunity to harvest a bear.

Now through Outdoor Solutions Culinary Events, it’s time to step up your game! No more second guessing your shot placement on your game, no more wondering how to butcher select cuts, and best of all no more throwing some butter in a pan and frying every cut of meat! With Outdoor Solutions and other industry professionals, you will learn the entire process from proper shot placement, all the way to how to prepare restaurant-quality meals in your own kitchen.

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  • 6 nights lodging
  • All meals during your stay
  • Shooting instruction overview before your first hunt
  • Guided Hunting for mature black bear
  • Learn how to field dress and skin a bear. (Bears can be very tricky, so this is a great opportunity to learn)
  • Butchering Session with an industry professional (learn to break down primal cuts and then specific cuts)
  • 1 Animal will be Packaged and Vacuum sealed for you to take home, other animals will be quartered for you to take home in your own cooler.
  • Hands-on, Chef instructed cooking session from game harvested during your hunt
  • Wine and/or microbrews served with wild game dinner.

Not Included:

Hunting License, Gratuities


Very nice lodge with 8 large bedrooms with 2 queen beds and private bathroom in each.

Trip Duration:

7days Saturday to Saturday(Arrive at noon on day one for lunch, shooting instruction, hunt that evening, hunt two full days, then butchering session, meal prep with Chef , dinner served, depart next morning after breakfast)


$5950 Per person


Goodsoil Sas 3;45 minutes from either Saskatoon or Edmonton, AB

How To Get There:

Fly into either Saskatoon, SAS or Edmonton, AB, rent a vehicle for the 3:45 minute drive Contact Outdoor Solutions for driving directions.

Tags / License:

$360 covers your tag


2024 Dates: May 26 to June 2nd

Gear List:


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